The Lemons & Limes Foundation

Established in 2016 as the 'Lemons Foundation' this non-profit organisation engages Kiwis in motoring activities through safety & driver training programmes, community initiatives, mechanical awareness, as well as team and individual confidence courses & development.

With an emphasis on FUN and SAFETY, the Lemons & Limes Foundation strives to broaden experiential horizons, by embracing & engaging all-comers and utilising the collective knowledge & experience of the NaZCAR motorsport patrons and contributors.

  • Safety & Driver Training
  • Community Initiatives
  • Personal & Team Development
  • Confidence Building

Community Initiatives

The Lemons & Limes Foundation actively engages with community groups, clubs, educational facilities and individuals, spreading the positive message of inclusion and participation; a critical component of today's complex society. Raising awareness and aspirations to those in need, while affording them the opportunity to develop and grow respectively.

Safety & Driver Training

Utilising the enormous talents of Kiwi icons of the motoring industry, the Lemons & Limes Foundation has developed unique Safety and Driver training modules; enhancing skills, anticipation & reaction times of everyday road-users & motorsport competitors, while increasing personal responsibility and awareness in all motoring circumstances. The goal is to minimise harm on our public roads and reduce the risks during competitive motorsport events.

Fundraising & Donations

Many of the initiatives and programmes are funded directly by the NaZCAR motorsport events, but we rely heavily on donations and volunteers.

Support the Lemons Foundation

Like to help? We warmly welcome volunteers to assist at our events ... and/or if you would like to make a generous donation via our donations page, then we would be chuffed!

For more information, please contact us via email, or give us a call on our NaZCAR hotline.

Upcoming Events

Pro Series
Pro Series - Round 3 of 4 (2024)

Hampton Downs - National Circuit

Saturday 10 Aug 2024

The 4th season of the NaZCAR Pro Sanctioned National Championship series - bigger and better - not to be missed!

Pro Series
Pro Series - Round 4 of 4 (2024)

Hampton Downs - National Circuit

Saturday 31 Aug 2024

The 4th season of the NaZCAR Pro Sanctioned National Championship series - bigger and better - not to be missed!

Lemons 24 Hour Day/Night Enduro

Hampton Downs - International Circuit

Friday 27 Sep 2024

The BIG one. 24 HOURS of NaZCAR Lemon endurance madness across 2 days & nights on the INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT at...