'BadThurst' 12 Hour Lemons (2024)

Race Event Summary

Event Class: Lemons

Event Date: Saturday 24 Feb 2024 (see schedule)

Registrations Open: Sun 8 Oct 2023 @ 2:10PM

Race Venue: Taupo Motorsport Park

Address: 463 Broadlands Rd, Rotokawa, NZ

The infamous BadThurst 12-hour LEMONS and LIMES endurance race is a perfect Summer sizzler! 12 hours across 2 days of refreshing Lemony Lunacy...

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About this race event

12 hours across 2 days of refreshing Lemony goodness – this event will quench your thirst for Endurance racing, without leaving a bitter taste in your gob! Themed teams, nutty penalties and unpredictable rules – you’ll feel right at home...

Event Schedule

Wowsers... more than 12 hours of seat time?
Get some...

Date Time Activity Description Zone
Fri 23 Feb 2:00pm - 5:00pm Pre-scrutineering & Documentation For those that want to be organised ahead of time! Scrutineering Shed & Nazcar HQ
Sat 24 Feb 7:00am Gates open (Day 1) Competitor entry to venue Taupo Track
Sat 24 Feb 7:15am Scrutineering & Documentation Continued from Friday... Scrutineering Shed & Nazcar HQ
Sat 24 Feb 9:10am Drivers' briefing All Day 1 Drivers to attend TBC
Sat 24 Feb 9:30am - 10:15am Practice session Open Pit Lane Track
Sat 24 Feb 10:30am Grid Line up All teams in costume/theme Track
Sat 24 Feb 11:00am - 5:00pm Day 1 Event All teams splutter around! Track
Sun 25 Feb 7:00am Gates open (Day 2) Competitor entry to venue Taupo track
Sun 25 Feb 7:40am Drivers' briefing All Day 2 Drivers to attend TBC
Sun 25 Feb 8:00am - 3:30pm Day 2 Event Teams splutter & fart... Track
Sun 25 Feb 4:00pm - 4:30pm Awards Ceremony Awards & trophies dished out TBC
Sun 25 Feb 6:00pm Venue Closes All teams bugger off! Taupo venue

* Times subject to change
* All teams should be themed & in costume
* This is NOT a race - it's a LEMONS (and Limes) event - laps don't matter, knucklehead!

Important Note

BadThurst starts Saturday 24th Feb - Sunday 25th Feb. See event schedule for details.

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