Lemons Toolbox

A step by step guide to lunacy...

The LEMONS Toolbox is a simple guide for simple folk! "Making bad decisions since ages ago!"

1. "Get your Ass into Gear"

  1. Log-in or Sign-Up on the NaZCAR website (www.nazcar.nz)
  2. Check FAQ and RULES to make sure you understand what you're getting yourself into!
  3. Choose the event you'd like to enter (check dates and event format) – ENTER EVENT

2. "Prepare your crapper (race-car)"

  1. Buy a piece of crap car (or an existing race-car that is suitable for LEMONS racing)
  2. Ensure your car meets the LEMONS SAFETY requirements (Cage, seat, harnesses, etc) – see RULES
  3. Choose a THEME for your car – get creative!
  4. Hunt sponsorship or fundraising to help pay for your crapper? No limit on logos/livery on your car!

3. "Whip your TEAM into shape"

  1. Invite willing (or unwilling) victims to join your team
  2. Choose a THEME for your team
  3. Ensure ALL team members have signed-up and are visible on your TEAM (check your "My Teams" on the website and "Assign Roles")
  4. Ensure all team members have PAID for their entry
  5. Make sure you've ordered essentials such as Garage, Transponder, etc
  6. Ensure ALL Drivers in your team have the relevant Licences (Civil & Race Licences) and have SIGNED their Indemnity Form online
  7. Ensure all drivers/crew have the relevant apparel (GEAR) such as race-suit, helmet, HANS (FHR), gloves, boots etc

4. "Checklist"

  1. Have you created your account/signed up?
  2. Registered your team/entered an event?
  3. Invited members to join your team?
  4. Got a good THEME for car/team?
  5. Built your car to the LEMONS standard?
  6. Has your team paid for car/drivers/crew entry and 'essentials' (garage, transponders etc)?
  7. Still need help? Send out a Bat-Signal to LEMONS HQ (without the virus please)!