Limes FAQ

Just when you thought racing in a Motorsport team on an International Race track was reserved for rich Playboys, along comes NaZCAR Limes! Here's a few facts and figures to avoid any Confucius:

  • WHY build a Limes car?
    • We run many different Limes events throughout NZ - so once you've spent cash on your precious Lime, you can use it multiple times. You can even race in any other event you want to, since you will already meet most motorsport standards. The 'spirit' of Limes is to build and drive a medium-level but FUN car on a professional track for hours on end - sometimes for the whole weekend, and see if it (and your team) can last the distance - basically it's Motorsport WITHOUT the politics - there are no major prizes for being the fastest, loudest, most laps or expensive entries - the emphasis is on drivers getting as many laps and as much SEAT TIME as possible - while still having FUN!

  • HOW is the Limes series raced?
    • Each endurance event is usually held during a weekend, and typically starts with Scrutineering/track test, then racing commences. Actual track time varies depending on the format; from 3 hour mini-endurance to the full 24 hours. Each event usually starts with a rolling grid, so everyone gets a fair chance to familiarize themselves with the conditions/track/other mad bastards. We also run continuous 24 hour and day/night races - keep an eye on our website + Facebook page for more information.

  • WHO is eligible to race?
    • Each team must consist of a car (duh!) and drivers, plus any pit/support crew. This is so the team can share in track time, cost of building/running/replacing bits on the car and ensure that no team fatigues too much (safety first, you morons!). Drivers must be aged 12+ years (special conditions apply for 12-16 year olds), hold a current New Zealand or Internationally recognized Driver's License. Each race will also require a "Race Licence", which can be arranged before/during each event - we'll keep you updated.

  • WHEN do I buy/start building my Lime?
    • The simple answer is ... NOW!!! Check our website and Facebook page for the calendar of upcoming events.

  • HOW MUCH does it cost?
    • Like any activity, it's going to cost money to race - BUT driving in Limes is some of the least expensive fun you can have in Motorsport in the world! A summary of the main costs (incl. GST, subject to change) are:

      • Your Lime (car): usually from $3,000 and up (plus cage, seat, harness, safety equipment).
      • Entry fee for car: from $599 for 12 and up to 24 hour events
      • Entry fee (per driver): from $599 for 12 and up to 24 hour events
      • Entry fee for Pit crew/spanner monkeys (each): from $75 for 12 hour, $99.00 for 24 hour
      • Additional Safety equipment (required) for your car: No limit to how much you can spend - normally around $3,000 buys everything: cage, seat, harness, fire extinguisher, kill switch - and you only need to buy this ONCE!
      • Safety gear for each DRIVER (helmet, HANS device (FHR), gloves, suit, etc) REQUIRED: No limit to how much you can spend!
      • Each track charges different amounts for the Pit Garages, so we'll update you with these fees. We allocate you a garage, and you pay us - then we pay the track.
      • Some teams have their own transponder (fancy little timing box connected to the track's timing loop) but if you don't have one, we will provide each team with one - that way, you will get every lap time recorded, and you can gloat (or be embarrassed) by how you stacked up against your team-mates. Overall track times and laps completed are updated live during the event. About $50 per day hire for transponders.
  • WHICH cool Safety/Racing bits can I add to my Lime?
    • OK... So you've spent a few bucks on your Lime - now it's time to get it souped up... There is NO LIMIT to the amount of modifications or "Safety" equipment you can add (check the Rules & Regs for the minimum Safety requirements):

      • Roll cage (mandatory).
      • Brake pads, rotors, tyres and fluids (you can choose how carried away you want to get with additions).
      • Seat (must have one-piece molded racing seat) & Harness (minimum 5-point driver's harness) mandatory.
      • FHR (Forward head and neck restraint) - also known as a HANS device (mandatory).
      • Fire extinguisher & kill-switch (mandatory) - this isolates the battery/alternator from the car.
      • Anything "mechanical" to ensure your Lime is safe to drive (wheel bearings, ball-joints, etc)
      • As long as any modifications are safe and comply with NaZCAR Rules & Regs, you're good to go...
  • WHAT do you get for your fees?
    • Your safety is paramount, so we make every effort to protect you and your car.

      • We provide an in-car RaceCeiver (a small yellow RF Radio unit) for each team so each driver can receive instructions from track officials, general abuse and the occasional crackly pirate radio station.
      • We provide hireage of the track facilities, Clerk of Course, Officials, Marshalls, Track lights/Flags, Timing system, entertainment, hideous trophies, ambulance, recovery crews, and a team of straggly volunteers to ensure you and your questionable team-mates have an epic weekend!
  • WOOHOO We have created the LEMONS & LIMES FOUNDATION which promotes Motoring Safety and initiatives for all ages.
    • 100% of donations and a portion of proceeds go to this treasured cause.
  • A Few General FAQ's
      • Limes cars can be any make, model and have any modifications you desire, provided it meets the NaZCAR Rules & Regs and is safe.
      • Remember though, Limes is about ENDURANCE not speed (minimum lap time is set at 1:19 around National Circuit of Hampton Downs).
      • No car or team themes/costumes are required, but if you want to dress up feel free - it makes for a fun day!.
      • If you take racing VERY seriously.... maybe you should grow a moustache and enter F1... or check out our new NaZCAR PRO series - a Sanctioned National Endurance Championship designed specifically for YOU!
      • Limes racing is STRICTLY non-contact - any dirt-bags that want to play rough will be penalised.
      • Fundraising is encouraged - lots of teams put together BBQ's or Fundraisers to assist team costs (contact us for suggestions or assistance).
      • There will be spectators on race days too - bring as many of your own hecklers as you like - FREE entry for cheerleaders and mascots!
      • There will be food/drink stalls at the track - but you're welcome to bring your own picnic, BBQ or Vegan alternative.
      • Bribes (and butt-kissing) will go a long way to keeping your team in the good books (all cash bribes go to Charity).
      • NaZCAR will constantly update all teams with details via Mail-chimp (email) and our Website & Facebook Page - HAPPY BUILDING!

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